Financial Assistance

Patients may qualify for discounted services through two financial assistance programs if services are medically necessary or otherwise necessary.  Patients must demonstrate inability to pay based upon meeting certain income, asset and credit eligibility criteria.  If a patient does not have insurance and are eligible for financial assistance, they will not be charged more for services than the amount generally billed to those who have insurance.

Southwest Healthcare Services may approve a financial assistance discount through the use of the sliding scale approach up to 100% if the patient has the following:

  • No material applicable insurance.
  • No material usable liquid assets.
  • Significant and/or catastrophic medical bills.

Patients who qualify for financial assistance shall be identified as soon as possible, either before services are provided or after an individual has received services to stabilize a medical condition.  Financial Assistance may be provided 3 months past the approval of application.

The Care Application is for patients using only our clinic services. If any services are rendered through our hospital or other ancillary tests will require the full Financial Assistance Application and documentation to be completed.

For additional information about the financial assistance programs or to set-up an appointment with the Financial Counselor, please call 701-523-7179.