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Lambourn Finds Great Care, Locally

As a rural healthcare facility, Southwest Healthcare Services has the reach and technology that supports their patients like a giant.
Experiencing that care first-hand was Jackie Lambourn, former hospital board member and advocate for going local. In the spring of 2017, Lambourn suffered from an unknown illness that left her literally speechless. She came to the emergency room uttering what appeared to be a foreign language. Long-time care provider Chris Peterson, whom Lambourn had seen numerous times in the past, utilized the facility’s computed topography (CT) scanner to try and get some answers.
When nothing obvious showed up on the images, Peterson took advantage of another one of Southwest Healthcare’s amenities, their telemedicine, and spoke with physicians in Bismarck.
“That’s so nice to be connected, so that you can talk to them,” Lambourn said.
It would be more than a week before Lambourn started to feel normal, but before she knew it (and after a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.), her symptoms started to return. She also developed a tremendously painful headache, which Lambourn described as a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale.
The source of the headache was traced back to a side effect of one of the many diagnostic procedures Lambourn endured during her examinations.
Treatment for the spinal tap headache is known as a blood patch, an injection into the hole left by the puncture wound from the spinal tap. This often requires multiple patches.
When Lambourn was ready for the regiment, she initially had to travel to Bismarck. This procedure can leave the patient uncomfortable and with some pain. And traveling in a care for close to three hours just after can cause discomfort.
But with the return of Dr. Forrest Lanchbury gave her some relief when she was told he could do the patches for her right in Bowman.
“I was a little bit disappointed, by going to the bigger facility I didn’t learn as much as I’m learning going local,” Lambourn said. “I really enjoy being as local as possible because the drive back from Bismarck is pretty long after you’ve had a patch, it’s painful.”
Lambourn, who played a key role in the building project, said that she has always doctored in Bowman since she relocated to the area many years ago. And she’s always touting the care she receives.
“I’m always building it up, I do it all the time,” she said. “You should try Southwest Healthcare…I have a hard time understanding why people wouldn’t go local first before they would go farther, it doesn’t make any sense to me, because I’ve always had wonderful luck.”
*Thanks to the 1 percent healthcare ordinance, Southwest Healthcare Services in Bowman can provide modern facilities and state-of-the art equipment to the community. Please vote YES on Bowman City Measure 1 to ensure the quality of care you deserve.*