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Patient Financial Services

At Southwest Healthcare Services, we believe that access to necessary healthcare services should never be based on the ability to pay.   As a result, Southwest Healthcare Services has created opportunities that will allow everyone to receive the care they need and deserve, regardless of the ability to pay.

Patients may qualify for financial assistance if services are medically necessary.  If patients do not have insurance and are eligible for financial assistance, they will not be charged more for services than the amount generally billed to those who have insurance.

We’ll be happy to assist you in finding out if you are eligible for financial assistance that can cover up to 100% of your bill.  For hospital patients, eligibility is based on patient’s insurance coverage, income, family size and assets.  In the case of clinic patients, financial assistance would depend solely on income level and the size of the family (assets are excluded).  Please see the attached discounted/sliding fee schedule to see if you qualify.


How to Apply

1.      Request a financial assistance application form from the clinic, hospital or through our Financial Counselor.  Applications may be picked up or mailed directly to you.  You may also download them from the Southwest Healthcare Service’s website.

2.      The application requires income verification and you will need to supply your most recent tax return, 2 months bank statements and 3 months pay stubs.

3.      Complete the application. If you need assistance, the Financial Counselor can help.

After you have submitted your application and all requested documentation to the Financial Counselor, it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to complete the review process.  You will be notified promptly once a decision has been made or if additional information is needed for the review process.

For additional information about the financial assistance program or to set up an appointment with the Financial Counselor, please call 701-523-7179 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM)