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Patient Financial Services

Click Here to Pay Your Bill Online

Pay your bill through our secure online site. You will be diverted to a different web page and will need the myEasyMatch Code located on your statement above your account number and name to make a payment.  If any questions arise while trying to make a payment, please reference the “contact us” section on the left side of the screen.

We understand that some patients may not have insurance or may find it difficult to make a payment in full.  That is why we have developed flexible payment plans designed to help our patients pay for the healthcare services they received over a period of time.

Please Review Southwest Healthcare Services monthly payment guidelines:

Balance                                               Minimum Monthly Payment
$100 and below                                    $25.00
$100 -$250                                           $35.00
$251-$500                                            $50.00
$501-$750                                            $75.00
$751-$1,000                                         $100.00
$1,001 and above                                 Contact Patient Financial Services

If you would like to set up a payment plan that differs from our guidelines above, please contact our Financial Counselor at 701-523-7179.